Photo concept and realisation for the booklet of the department of design at the Braunschweig University of Art. The photo series presents the 14 different workshops and their special materials and possibilities.

We personally made a piece of cake in each workshop and finally brought them to table in the photo studio.

Tortenstücke (pieces of cake),


with Frederik Niemann

photographic concept to present the different workshops of the University of Fine Arts Braunschweig Germany, 2010

Martin Vorwerk




wood workshop


cake with multiple layers from different wood types

paper / book workshop


cake with multiple layers from different copy paper types,

triangular hard cover binding with circular red embossing, 120 pages

photo studio / laboratory


a home made miniature cake was photographed with a macro objectiv, then the photograph was exposed in the laboratory

screenprint workshop


different photographs served as structure material for this collage cake, which then was realised as a screenprint to keep the fine photographic dot raster alive.



painted via brush directly on that incredibly heavy stone which then served as a model for the final lightly print